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A lot of difficult challenges are put in Marty Mc Fly’s way.

He’s tasked with getting his high school-aged parents together so that he and his siblings will actually be born, as well as making it back to the 1980’s to save Doc Brown’s life from Libyan terrorists.

Specific variants: If the character quickly adapts to the new conditions and finds it better than back home, it's Like a Duck Takes to Water.

If however, they decide to change things to how they used to be back home they are a Blithe Spirit.

A character is placed in a situation completely unfamiliar to them.

Humor and/or tension is created as the character adapts — or doesn't.

What follows is a crisis for Ben, who is forced to leave his pot-heavy lifestyle behind to start reading child-rearing books, shopping for baby stuff, and threatening to kill flaky obstetricians. is an unfairly overlooked gem that has earned favorable reviews despite not making a big splash upon its initial release.

Although Capra created many classics throughout his career, few, if any, ever reached the heights of was the birth of a wildly-popular franchise and a well-executed sci-fi/comedy that threw its hero into a frightening new world.

Josh, like most kids, couldn’t wait to grow up and expressed this desire to a creepy fortune teller machine, only to find himself in the body of a 30-year old. um, a fish to water, and he lands a cushy job at a toy company that perfectly suits his childlike nature.

Over time, however, he begins to miss the innocence of childhood, as well as his family and friends, and starts yearning for his old life back.

Naturally, Fish Out of Water have a danger of becoming awkward the longer a show runs.

Or conversely, if they become used to their new surroundings, the risk is that their original characterization will be less applicable (same if they return to their old familiar surroundings).

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