Adventures in dating

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Sheldon stops dead in his tracks and explains that he wanted to hide his dark circles and pimples for our date so he went out today and bought makeup.

Put your relationship on the fast track at Speedsportz Racing Park @ Grand Texas.Take advantage of their 90th anniversary by offering a Sunday night guest room rate through Sunday, November 27, 2016.The Magnolia Hotel will make you feel right at home with amenities like oversized garden tubs, billiard rooms, a rooftop pool, and complimentary cookies and milk every night.All of a sudden I feel less drunk and really self-concious and tell him I have to go home. However, Sheldon, being the nice guy that he is, offers to walk me to the subway station. I don’t know if deep down Sheldon thought maybe he would get lucky because his apartment left much to be desired.It was your basic single guy apartment with a X Box, movie posters and a kitchen full of cereal boxes and beer. One first date story that was such an epic fail I knew it would have to be a three part post in Adventures in Dating.

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