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Lucan, Martial, Quintilian, and Prudentius, as well as Seneca the Younger and Seneca the Elder, are among writers in Latin who lived in, or were born in, Spain before the modern Romance languages emerged.Women were also writing in Spain during the Roman period: Serena, believed to have been a poet; Pola Argentaria, the wife of Lucan, whom she is thought to have assisted in writing his Latin literature: Ancient Latin literature.Juan Ruiz, an intensely alert, individual early poet, composed the , an anonymous elegiac comedy.

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It was Spain’s first collection of prose fiction rendered in the vernacular.The earliest texts in of the late 12th through mid-14th centuries.Women poets in the region of Andalusia writing in Arabic during the 11th and 12th centuries include al-Abbadiyya and Ḥafṣa bint al-Hājj al-Rukuniyya; the best known were Wallada la Omeya, Butayna bint ʿAbbād, and Umm al-Kiram bint Sumadih, all of royal blood.), an epic poem of the mid-12th century (the existing manuscript is an imperfect copy of 1307).This article provides a brief historical account of each of these three literatures and examines the emergence of major genres.Although literature in the vernacular was not written until the medieval period, Spain had previously made significant contributions to literature.

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