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” I looked down and could see the obvious bulge that the two pairs of panties were making in my pants. “You are not leaving this room until you show me what you have in there!” said Aunt Rachel sternly as she stood with her arms folded across her chest.I quickly peeled off my shorts and stepped into the silky nylon panties bending at the waist to try to hide my shriveled little cock from her. When I did she looked me up and down and slowly walked around me taking in the spectacle from every angle.By the time she faced me again I was blushing as red as the other pair of panties I had taken.

I walked to her dresser and tried the top right drawer. Bras, slips and panties of every style and color were neatly folded in small piles with several pairs of pantyhose rolled up and placed to one side.She was a beautiful redhead with a voluptuous body. When I got to her house I found that no one was home. I found the spare key she kept hidden on the front porch, nervously unlocked the door and went in.I dropped the cake pan hurriedly on the kitchen counter and made a beeline for Aunt Rachel’s bedroom.I quietly closed the drawer, but as I turned to leave, Aunt Rachel turned the corner from the hallway and walked into the room. She stood and stared at me obviously waiting for an answer.“Uh, umm…I thought I heard something down here and came to see what it was”, I nervously answered. ” she replied forcefully, “What are you hiding down the front of your pants!

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