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Just check out everything she made in our Ugly Sweater Party Kit: Aren’t these fun?The invitations are designed so you can fold the sleeves over to cover up the information.There is no better idea than to swap and steal comical gifts that no one really wants. For all the details on leading an unforgettable white elephant gift exchange check out this post: White Elephant Party.

This Santa’s Kisses Game was my favorite game of the night!I printed mine onto sticker paper so they were instant stickers and easy to attach to their sweaters.Don we now our worst apparel fa la la la la la la la la. It can used as decor at the table, a sign for your door or decoration on the Photo Booth (details below).You can have a contest amongst your guest to see who can get the most “Likes” on Facebook by the end of the night. Have an Ugly Sweater Cookie Contest I actually found a cookie cutter in the shape of a sweater!If it wasn’t embarrassing enough to wear the sweater now you have to show it to the world wide web? I made sugar cookies in these shape and prepared icing.

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