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The movement effect when switching between categories looks great.

The theme is great and the design was exactly what I was looking for but something went wrong with the installation and it took awhile to fix everything.

Either way, you will need to do the binary-search method (aka the 50% method) to find the guilty party.

Skins ALWAYS come this way unless you put them in yourself.

Acreage: 90 Settled in 1790, and known as the “jewel” of the Blue Grass Valley, Dividing Waters Farm encompasses 875 /- acres of fertile valley nestled between Monterey Mountain to the east and Lantz Mountain to the west.

Practicle theme for Architects who want to show their works in a perfect way.

Do you have clothing, hair or objects in your game that you do not like at all and don’t remember downloading anywhere ?

If so, you have probably downloaded Custom Content (CC) with a house/sim or household from the Exchange or any other third party site.

I just love these templates they are so easy to use.

Thank you to Template Monster you guys are the best.

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