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The only time she could truly be herself was in the studio. Hybrids Yoongi and Jungkook are going to have to get used to their new home with alphas Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung.

Then, one day, she's given the choice of a lifetime: put on a mask and be an idol or never have a chance like this again. There’s a lot to get used to, and they're going to be trying a lot of new things.

When Jungkook is with Jin, he feels happy and rested while being with Jimin, only drama Tags angst boyxboy contest fantasy supernatural yoonmin yuri chansoo writingcontest exo jinseok girlxgirl hunhan sekai baekyeol kaisoo chanbaek fairytales bts yoonseok jinkook jikook taekook vhope yoonkook vmin taegi jihope namjin vkook 2seok reveur redvelvet wenrene seulrene wenseul vmon joyri Jeon Jungkook just graduated from college with a degree in Business Marketing and got accepted at the company he dream of.

There he becomes a personal assistant to the new marketing director being known as the Mr. Would he be able to survive with a person who is a total opposite of him? The way Yoongi gives in whenever it comes to Hoseok, the way he naturally puts the other boy first, the adoring looks and gummy smiles reserved just for Hoseok.

Almost two years have passed since Hanbin made a decision that Bobby hasn't been able to forgive him for.

Rustling to his right made him freeze up, his heartbeat picking up speed as he knew, this wasn’t the wind.disappointed love; broken heart; unrequited love; being lovelorn(wikipedia definition)2.broken heart- after fours years of unrequited love, they finally meet again but with surprises - Rising above the murmur of other souls, a dark fiercely buzzing aura radiated from a boy that Jimin didn’t recognize even though he knew everyone in his year. He’d never met a soul that got under his skin like this.*****[Based on Soul Eater anime universe, but I liberally added whatever I wanted so not canon compliant haha] One more teacup, from Jungkook's precious tea pot collection, falls from the cupboard and crashes loudly on the white tiled floor of his apartment and Jungkook goes ape-shit.In the entire five years that Junhoe has been competing in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, he's never lost a first round match—at least not until he faced Jinhwan. "What do you think will happen if your boyfriend just started avoiding you with no reason? He doesn't know what to answer him—does he know what's happening? We aren't dancing machines, we need sleep and food to function! "You can sleep and eat whatever you want after our comeback!Now he has a new enemy to focus on, some annoyingly cute short guy (not cute, just annoying! " Hanbin, a regular boy who studied at Krystal Love University in Korea. Some of them older than him, and some of them younger than him.

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