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Technically, either those facilities, or the equipment in between, could be referred to as the point of presence.pop-ups).It could be anything – an ad for an insurance company, or some other product disrupting my viewing and often it’s very hard to delete it; it just keeps popping up regardless.As you’ll likely see in the comments, people are sometimes annoyed with the pop-up newsletter offer here on Ask Leo!, as well as with the social media overlay that normally appears over to the left.And you see pop-up ads from sites that don’t have any pop-ups at all.But the rest – the honest presentation of advertising by the sites you visit – pop-up or not, that’s how they stay in business.

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Point of Presence typically refers to the physical location at which telephone lines, internet circuits, and cable television signals are placed immediately prior to the individual, specific connections to the homes and businesses using those services.

When they un-hide, they appear to the viewer to “pop up”.

Website owners choose whether to use either of these two types of pop-ups on their sites, or not. has no advertising pop-ups that make new browser windows.

I’ve tested with and without, and to be completely blunt Ask Leo! (The website has no idea who you are, so it has no way to “know” that you might already be a subscriber.) Dismiss it by clicking on the “X” in the upper right corner, or pressing the ESC key.

The additional pop-up that may appear from the bottom of the page also only appears once a month, and is also quickly dismissed by clicking on the “X” in its upper-right corner.

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