Prosopographisches lexikon der palaiologenzeit online dating

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My aim is to argue that the oral tradition of this legendary artist, properly understood, is indeed worthwhile for both monks and scholars alike., droungarios tēs viglēs/viglas), sometimes anglicized as "Drungary of the Watch", was originally a senior Byzantine military post.

Kourtikes was among the conspirators who overthrew Romanos Lekapenos in December 944, leading to the restoration of sole imperial power to Constantine VII a month later.

Kedrenos reports that he was charged with the execution of Theophobos.

An Armenian who had come to the Byzantine court as a hostage, he served as droungarios in the early years of Michael III's reign, during the regency of Theodora. Variously named Katakylas, Katakoilas and Katakalos in the sources.

In the absence of texts, however, modern-day art historians are divided on how to address this vibrant oral tradition.1 In this chapter I shall attempt to forge a middle ground between outright acceptance and outright rejection of the oral tradition.

To do so, I shall explore the historical and art historical context of Panselinos's supposed masterwork at the Protaton, investigate the documents that attest to the painter's name, and conclude by offering a metaphorical interpretation of the name Manuel Panselinos.

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