Sexfight chat

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Ideas of "sub" or "dom", "top" or "bottom" should melt away in a sexfight.The point isn't to prove who the dom is between two women, and yes, a sub can sexually be a better woman than a dom. This isn't sexual wrestling, or naked catfighting; they are trying to prove who is better at sex in an equal battle of sexual skill and endurance, not trying to see who is stronger.The step-mother won't back down, though, and will fight for the right to be as sexual as she wants with her new husband! Two artists make massive marble sculpts of their breasts for an art competition.By accident, or maybe a prank, the two sculpted breasts end up presented as one work.Can the lusty professor at the museum outfuck the supernatural? (v******e, and **** themes) Two women, both sexual predators, stalk the same victim in the night. Two r****ts attempt to **** each other in an angry, hateful sexual battle, as their victim gets away.This leads to a full on sexual war, to prove who the better woman, and the better predator is. (v******e/bl**d Warning) A devious masked woman out for revenge against all women who use sex to get what they want, pits two women in a deadly sexfight-game where they must not only outsex each other to see which of them is the better slut, but must also punish her enemy by completely destroying the other woman's sexual future...She is told that the only way one of them will be leaving the room is when one proves her sexual superiority over the other... Now, in the showers they agree that they are too evenly matched in strength, and decide to settle their mutual hatred for each other with their cunts in a sexual competition. (Older women) An angry mother confronts her daughter's nun about spanking as a punishment, the mother is angry that the nun laid a hand on her daughter. This leads into a bitter catfight, and then as clothes get ripped off, an erotic sexfight breaks out. (Selfcest) A double of every human on earth suddenly appears, and when you meet your double a switch seems to turn on in your mind; you want to prove which one of you is the real you, and an odd instinct makes you want to prove this through sex. (Non-human/human) A sexual demon who takes the form of whoever releases it, is freed from an ancient statue housed in a museum.Both of you think that they are the original you, and you know that the real you will be the sexual superior. It is hungry for mortal souls, and the only way to send it back is by beating it in a sexual competition.

To do this they must test their bodies: breast to breast, mouth to mouth, ass to ass, and pussy to pussy, not only to see who has the stronger pussy, or better tits; but also to see who is better at kissing, cunnilingus, fingering, and other sexual acts. Fingering, 69ing, tribbing, titfighting, kissing, and rubbing; all to see who truly is the better woman.

If this post has been on here for a while, don't be afraid to message me.

I am willing to have a chat about it, if you're not into roleplay, but I am mostly looking to roleplay.

The sexually superior woman is the only one that gets to see the sun again. (Messy/dirty) In the back-alleyways of a horrible neighborhood, two prostitutes meet up to clash their used up bodies for the right to claim this area as their own. (Muscular women, possible v******e) A cop tackles a criminal in a chase, and in their struggle the two muscular women rub their toned bodies together.

Feeling turned on, and competitive, the criminal challenges the cop to a sexual competition for her freedom. (Non-human) The Vengeful Spirit of a man's dead wife haunts her former home, after the husband remarries a beautiful woman.

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