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So wouldn't it be great to have someone who's ALREADY made that shift to answer YOUR questions on the journey?All those times when you feel like you're smashing your head against a brick wall...I know that you've been out at a bar or a club, or maybe even in your own social group... Some guy will just radiate a quiet and powerful confidence, he'll walk up to the hottest girl there and you can SEE the attraction in her eyes...she can't even stop HERSELF from falling all over him.

In fact, because everything RSD does has a full money-back guarantee, our Executive Coaches are forced to deliver shocking results... We only put out proven ideas that have made that 'next-level' leap happen for real guys just like you, over and over, with real-life women in real bars and clubs all over the world.We're going to let YOU ask the questions that matter to YOU, and then Tyler, the founder and creative force behind RSD will answer them in detail – using the insider-perspectives of our elite Executive Coaching staff.You get the benefit of the world's most active, most experienced and most driven teachers of attraction.and delivering the cutting-edge solutions that you need.It means that in each installment, we'll be plunging deep below the surface, and you'll get live, tailored advice you can take out to the club, bar, coffee shop (or wherever...) and use TONIGHT.

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