Updating virtual devices daemon

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You can choose to use a non-dedicated management interface by connecting a Virtual Router or Virtual Switch to the management interface.

When management traffic passes through a Virtual Router or Virtual Switch, you must ensure that the associated Warp Link IP address originates from the remote network.

Warp Interfaces on the Virtual System side are assigned the prefix .

In both cases, VSX appends a unique number to the prefix to form the interface name.

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R80.10 VSX automatically assigns a name to each virtual interface when administrators create the link.

You can install and configure more physical interfaces to a virtual device as required.

A VSX Gateway can theoretically contain as many physical interfaces as permitted by gateway hardware and memory constraints.

To protect themselves, Virtual Routers inspect all traffic destined to, or emanating from themselves (for example, an ICMP ping to the Virtual Router IP address) based on the security policy.

Traffic that is not sent to, or coming from the Virtual Router is not inspected by the Virtual Router policy and is sent to its destination.

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