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Two years later, she was arrested for obtaining a position in a munitions factory using a false identity.

Though the purpose of her ­deception was unclear, it is highly likely she was trying to steal ammunition and explosives.

She knocked on the door — and was promptly rewarded with a jugful of water thrown in her face.

But Britten had picked the wrong woman to give a soaking.

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They were regarded with ­grudging respect by the police.

Their business — if that was the right word — was booming, and they had good reason to celebrate.

But after a few hours and too many drinks, the atmosphere turned sour.

Intriguingly, the all-girl gangs of the past proved themselves to be every bit as tough as their male counterparts, even as they sought to hide their ­violent criminality under a veneer of glamorous clothes and high living.

At more than 5ft 8in, Alice Diamond was an imposing woman.

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